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Laboratory Life Histories of Peromyscus Eremicus and Peromyscus Interparietalis

Leonard R. Brand, Raymond E. Ryckman
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2307/1378208 495-501 First published online: 20 August 1968


Various aspects of reproduction in Peromyscus eremicus and P. interparietalis were studied. Mice of the P. guardia group are abundant on rocky beaches of the islands they inhabit but occur sparsely in other habitats. Birth of young of P. eremicus and of P. interparietalis occurred throughout the year in the laboratory. Mean litter size in the laboratory was 2.22 for P. eremicus and 2.40 for P. interparietalis. Gestation during lactation in P. interparietalis averaged ap¬proximately 32 days. Postpartum estrus occurs in P. interparietalis females and possibly also in P. eremicus females. The condition of the neonate and growth and development are similar in these two species and also to P. californicus.

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