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Molecular Phylogeny of the Marsupial Genus Planigale (Dasyuridae)

Jodie Painter, Carey Krajewski, Michael Westerman
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2307/1382351 406-413 First published online: 19 May 1995


Phylogenetic analysis of the mitochondrial cytochrome-b gene from all species of the dasyurid marsupial genus Planigale reveals several key differences with morphology-based estimates of relationship. Planigale maculata is the most divergent member of the genus, possibly forming a separate clade with Sminthopsis. Planigale ingrami, Planigale gilesi, and Planigale novaeguinea form a clade in which the latter two are probably sister species. The position of Planigale tenuirostris is less well resolved, but it appears to be related to the P. ingrami clade. Cytochrome-b sequences from two specimens collected in the Pilbara region of western Australia are highly divergent from other planigales and from each other and may represent previously unrecognized species.

Key words
  • Planigale
  • Dasyuridae
  • marsupial
  • cytochrome b

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