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Sexual Segregation in Ungulates: A Reply

Martin B. Main
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2307/1383032 1410-1415 First published online: 3 December 1998


In response to Gross (1998), I clarify predictions of hypotheses of sexual segregation in Main et al. (1996) as they relate to forage quality and security of offspring. I respond to comments by Gross (1998) regarding the importance of short-term rate of intake as a mechanism driving sexual segregation and of using forage biomass as a measure of site quality and clarify my perspective on the role of intersexual competition. Finally, I identify a philosophical difference between Gross (1998) and Main et al. (1996) regarding the evolution of behavior and structure and discuss the relevance of this difference to understanding sexual segregation in ungulates.

Key words
  • sexual segregation
  • ungulates
  • body size
  • dietary selection
  • forage quality
  • sexual dimorphism